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One More Product Improvement-Several More Options!

Posted by Derek Queener on

The Golf Accessory Hanger is great, with the additional hanging areas and 2 free carabiners with each order, that's done. The belt attachment on the other hand did not have a place to go when not in use, now it does. I have added a triangle ring along with the female buckle which will be able to be used to hang the belt attachment on the main hanger when not in use. I wanted to keep you from having to go through bags to find stuff and then I make something that has to go in your bag? Forgive me, it is now rectified. One other benefit; when you have this on your belt, it gives you one more area to clip an additional accessory by using a carabiner. May not do that, but you can. Thanks!

Derek Queener-Owner/Inventor @ Snap-Hookz Golf 

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