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The Snap-Hookz arrived today and the straps expand enough to be able to span the rain hood snaps on my bag as they are pretty far apart. The hold seems very solid.

I have to tell you, looking at the product quality I don't understand how you can possibly be making any money off of this. And a BIG thank you for making this in America.

It is too cold up here to play this week, but I am hoping to get out one more time next week (going to warm up into the low 40's - a real heat wave) and try the Snap-Hookz out before I put the clubs away. I am confident I will be pleased.

Thanks again, Ed

"If I ever bought an attachment from Titleist...for example...and it didn't fit my bag...that I never told them I had...and they had no reason to know about...I wonder if the CEO would take out a needle and fabric and, at his own expense, late at night, work on resewing me a new one that would work for my needs, ship it out to me, at his expense, and trust that I'd ship him back the original...


Today's small business CEO does more than ever could be the Social Media, the sewing, the shipping, design, engineering and testing....some are janitors and the HR people. I'm impressed - you guys do things I'd never think of." - Jason Cherpak

" Probably the very best product for the modern golfer" = Greg Sampson GolfJug TV

"Judging by what I've read on the some of the Golf Forums, you are gaining a very positive reputation for your customer service. I would certainly agree with that!" - Gino G.

"Product of the year! The only way to keep the accessories you want outside the bag where you can get to them" - Justus B.

" Being able to separate my accessories instead of having them all on the factory hanger is a great idea, wish I would have invented this, awesome product, very pleased" - Jason V.

" I carry quite a few accessories, including 3 gloves I switch out during the round. Being able to have them outside the bag without worrying about losing them on the course is super convenient. Even with 3 gloves there is room for my towels and accessory pouch. Simple and useful, nice job!" - Greg W.

" Easily adjusted to fit my bag, even when I switched from driver to passenger, I just moved it from one side of my bag to the other. No more digging in the middle of the bags on the cart to reach my accessories." - Pete T.

" We as golfers have gotten so high tech, the Snap-Hookz is far from high tech, but in my opinion, one of the most useful things I have in my golfing arsenal."  Jennifer H.

" There is a lot of garbage in the golf accessory world, it's nice to see a product that is made well and gets the job done." - Chris R.

" There is really nothing negative that can be said about the Snap-Hookz. You adjust it, snap it onto your bag and add your most used accessories and play golf. I was a bit skeptical at first, but now I really would not want to play without this useful gadget on my bag". - Mike L.