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Q - How does a Snap-Hookz Golf Hanger attach?
A) Snap-Hookz Golf Hangers are designed to easily attach to any bag’s rain hood snaps while still allowing the rain hood to fully function. They are outfitted with two snaps buttons, making it easier for you to snap them onto any bag.  

Q - How many hanging areas does a Snap-Hookz Golf Hanger have?
A) A Snap-Hookz Golf Hanger comes with 5 hanging areas, allowing you to easily attach a range finder, club brush, towel, or anything you want readily available to it. They are a perfect addition to your golf bag.

Q - What can I hang on it?
A) Snap-Hookz Golf Hangers let you attach just about anything you need on the golf course — from a rangefinder to a club brush to your hand towel to your gloves and more.

Q - Does a Snap-Hookz Golf Hanger fit every bag?
A)  A Snap-Hookz Golf Hanger can fit any bag as long as the bag has standard rain hood snaps.

Q - What if the Snap-Hookz Golf Hanger does not fit my bag?
A)  Place an order for a Snap-Hookz Golf Hanger only after confirming that your bag has snaps like most standard bags. However, if it doesn't fit, even if your bag has snaps, contact us to request a Return for the product.

Q - Can I hang my Tee Caddy on a Snap-Hookz Golf Hanger?
A)  Yes, you can easily attach your Tee Caddy to a Snap-Hookz Golf Hanger as long as it has a snap carabiner or hook. If your caddy doesn’t have it, consider checking out our Tee Caddy designed exclusively to work with our Snap-Hookz Golf Hangers.

Q - Does a Snap-Hookz Golf Hanger come in different colors?
A)  Snap-Hookz Golf Hangers come in 16 colors and different styles, allowing you to choose the one that best matches your cart and golf bag.

Q - Can you loosen or tighten the straps of the Snap-Hookz Golf Hanger?
A)  Yes, you can easily loosen or tighten the straps of Snap-Hookz Golf Hangers as per your preferences and needs.

Q - In how many days will I get my Snap-Hookz Golf Hanger once ordered?
A)  Once ordered, you can expect to receive your Snap-Hookz Golf Hanger within 7-10 business days.