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Great Accessory Hangers Deserve Great Frogger Accessories

Posted by Derek Queener on

Snap-Hookz Golf has added Frogger products to our website so you can get a great golf accessory hanger and great golf accessories all at once. By giving you so many more options for accessories and the ability to separate those accessories, it seemed fitting to bring on the products I use out on the course to make my game better and more fun. The new products will include: The Amphibian Towel, Amphibian Ball Towel, Frogger BrushPro, Frogger "Hop" Repair Tool Combo and the Frogger Bamboo Green Monsters in 3 lengths. Frogger Amphibian Towels and BrushPros will come in multiple colors to match your bag and your Snap-Hookz Golf Accessory Hanger. Snap-Hookz Golf will continue to try and bring you quality products at the lowest price possible, because in my opinion, golfers deserve it!

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