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Snap-Hookz Are No Longer A BAD Thing In Golf (Click Title)

Posted by Derek Queener on

Snap-Hookz Golf has put these two words in a better light. Now when people speak of snap hooks, they do not always mean the horrible left or right turn the golf ball immediately takes when a number of things in the golf swing do not go as planned. Snap-Hookz with a "Z" are becoming known as things that can actually make golf better for every golfer. I hope to continue to help the words, "snap" and "hookz", to be thought of in a way that golfers are happy that they have them, instead of miserable and confused about what causes this dreaded and catastrophic  ball flight. I am proud to say that I am the only person in the world that golfers pay extra money to, so that they can implement Snap-Hookz in their game via 2 day priority mail. Thank you! 


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