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Why Do I Need a Golf Accessory Hanger?

Posted by Derek Queener on

When I came up with this product, I did so to fill a need in my own golf game. A need to have better placement of my accessories to a location convenient to me. This was accomplished easily with the initial product I invented just a year ago, but so many more options and uses became apparent. Not only did it allow me to attach all of my golf gear to a place more accessible, it allowed me to bring some of the accessories OUT of the bag and put ONTO the bag. Digging through your golf bag never really bothered golfers before, but we never had a choice. With this product you now choose where your accessories are located, how many accessories you want outside of your golf bag and a way to do that with organization. After using this product for a year, I could not imagine all of my accessories on one hanger, bunched up and inconveniently located. Try it for yourself, if you don't like it, send it back for a full refund. If you do, let us know and share what you like about our product so other golfers know that Snap-Hookz Golf delivers with their golf accessory hanger.

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