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Making Changes for the Better - CEO Promise

Posted by Derek Queener on

For a long time Snap-Hookz Golf accessory hangers were a "side hustle", for lack of a better term. Our products have always been well reviewed and functional for their intended purposes.  Unfortunately, being a small startup, the expense of marketing just was not in the cards. That's changing....

Though I didn't win the lottery or accumulate great wealth, I decided to give a great couple of products the chance to snap onto as many golf bags as possible. 

As the inventor of this line of products and the guy who did a subpar job keeping Snap-Hookz relevant the past few years, shame on me. Shipping was sometimes slow, inventory was minimal and I have only myself to blame. 

With that being said,  my new strategy is what is was in 2013 when it all began. Great customer service, Made in The USA products that give you what you pay for and exciting options.

If we can help with anything, please don't hesitate to contact me at (352) 200-9124 & if it's fixable, I'll fix it.


Derek Queener 

Snap-Hookz Golf CEO 

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